Q. Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards?

No. We apply gel to these areas where cockroaches or ants may hide. No liquid sprays or dusts are used in these areas.

Q. Are my animals safe?

There is no concern to the safety of your pets since the amount of active ingredient that they may take in either by contact (when wet) or ingesting  is very small.

Q. What Do I need to do prior to a pest control treatment?

Access to all room edges is necessary for us to treat the skirtings. Therefore all clothing articles, magazines, toys etc should be moved off the ground away from the walls.  All food items should be cleared off benches and tables.

Q. Will the spray stain my carpets?

No. The products we spray do not stain.  They are water based and does not contain solvent which can affect the colour or finish.

Q. Will the treatment affect humans?

There will be no affect to you. The products are registered for use in hospitals, food processing and schools. We are happy to supply material safety data sheets for your information.

Q. Will the gel that is applied in the cupboard contaminate the food?

No. The gel is applied to where pest hide like cracks and crevices or hinges.

Q. Will I see pest once the treatment is completed?

Yes it is possible.  Insects may wander or fly in from outside. Chances are they will cross the treated area and die shortly after.

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The Cockyman was established in 1992 and is a local, family owned and operated business focusing on competent service, caring for your property or home as if it was our own. We believe in Respect; Integrity; Support and Efficiency.

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